Expedition 2013

sc-cs-exchOn Saturday the 10th of May 2013 four intredid Scouts set to complete their expedition challenge.  To get this badge they had to walk for 4 hours, camp overnight, and walk back for 4 hours all without a leader.
Our 4 oldest Scouts: Charley, Luke, Morgan and Daniel set off at 10:00 from Elvaston Castle to make the long and perilous hike to Drum Hill.  They had chosen their own route which took them North to Ockbrook and Stanley before West to Morley and then on to Drum Hill.  At least that was the plan...
The route actually taken is not entirely clear, but involved at least one circuit of Loco Park, and an altercation with a savige hound.  The main point is that they made it!  It took 6 hours in the end and the weather was poor with heavy rain showers the whole time.  So despite being cold and wet they arrived at the hill in one piece.
They pitched their camp at the top of the Cub field and got a fire going before tea.  On Sunday it was decided to take a more direct route back to Elvaston castle to try and keep with in the 4 hour time limit.  The new route took them to Breadsall, around the top of Oakwood before finally heading South into Spondon and then back to Elvaston Castle.  They made it, a little foot saw and carrying their wounded but all in one piece.   Well done to all four of them.