Gosport 2012

On Monday 30thSeaScout of August the Scouts set off on a 3 day trip to Gosport.  The 5th Gosport Sea Scouts had kindly offered the use of their excellent hut for the trip so we had somewhere nice to stay.  We set off from Derby at 10:00 and made good time to arrive for 14:00.  After a trip to the local supermarket to stock up on food for the visit, the boys wasted no time getting down to the see and exploring the windy beach along the edge of the Solent.

We had booked into the local Crazy Golf so by 18:00 we were making our way around the course and racking up some record (high) scores.  Only one ball was totaly lost. We stopped off at a local Fish and Chip shop on the way back for supper.  The gallery below shows our first trip to the see and some shots of the hut over the visit.
The next day we set off on foot for the Gosport Ferry on route to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (PHD). It was good walk to ferry and we had an excellent view of Illustrious, the Warrior as well as the landmark Spinnaker Tower as we crossed.   We arrived as the PHD opened and made straight for the Victory (more on that in a moment). The pictures below were taken as we crossed the harber and worked our way around the dockyard. We only had time to visit some of the attractions and boys spent quite a bit of time in "Action Stations" which had lots of Navy based games and activities. We also had a very good boat trip around the operational docks and were able to see two of the new Daring Class Destroyers, Dragon and Defender.
The pictures below were taken as we walking around the Victory, and explored this amazing the ship, which is currently undergoing a significant re-fit. The Victory is famous as Nelson's flag ship from the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The boys were able to see life aboard a first rate ship of the line.
Stepping forwards 150 years the pictures below were taken as we walking around the Warrior, Warrior was the first iron clad and is a truly amazing ship. As well as getting a view life in the Victorian Navy and seeing how things had changed at sea since the Victory, Warrior is simply an awesome ship even today.
The Scouts spent a full day at the PHD so so after tea we made our way back to beach for a deserved swim in the Solent. OK, it was a tad cold, and the flint shingle beach made made a quick dash for the impossible but had a very invigorating swim all the same! .
We spend Wednesday morning at the Royal Armories site at Fort Nelson, overlooking Portsmouth, Gosport and the harbour.  The fort is now an artillery museum with a huge amount to see and tunnels to explore.  They fired off a WW2 25lb field gun and we all took the chance to get an ice cream.  We had our packed lunch at the fort before heading back to Derby.