Ping-Pongathon 2012

On Thursday the 21st of June the Scouts help a "Ping-Pongathon" to held raise the money needed to replace our old ridge tents.  The was to play one continuous game of Ping Pong from 19:00 to midnight.  The Scouts were dividid into teams with each team being given a time-slot.  To help keep them going over the 5 hours period we had a competition for the longest rally, and the off duty ping-pongers went for Fish & Chips!  The night was success and we raised over £200.


Thomas wrote: "the ping pongathon was extremly fun and enjoyable the winners got a 57 hit rally by Daniel and Finlay. A very talented pair of young scouts and everyone else enjoyed the night to.
after we had finished the rally we went to the local chippy called shelton lock chippy."