Kibblestone 2012

KibblestoneOver the weekend of the 30th June the Scouts visited Kibblestone ISC for a short summer camp.  The camp was based around activities and the has lots of these to offer along with an very interesting geography and some industrial heritage in the form two water mills.
Morgan & Billy had this to say about the camp:

"The overall camp was really cool and the activities were really enjoyable and fun. The only problem was the wood on some of the activities. The best bit about the camp was the giant hill that we found in free time we named it “Hench hill”. The best activity was rafting when we made them and then Billy fell in because of poor raft building .overall the camp was amazing and really fun."   

The camp programme was based on activities most of which were provided by the site.  If you click on the pictures below you will be able to see pictures of each of the activities we did.  Sadly we missed the one of Billy falling in the lake!
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