John's Lee Wood 2012

blobsOn the 9th of March Scouts went to John’s Lee Wood. We staid in a large clearing called Otter at the centre of the site and we pitched our tents around the edge.  There were 14 Scouts on camp and this was the first full camp the section had undertaken outside of the summer months.

We arrived on site at 18:00 on Friday pitched our tents.  It was full dark by the time we had finished and with no street lighting in the woods it was very dark! The weather was very good and the Scouts set off for a walk around the site in the dark before settling down for the night with CoCo and hot-dogs.  On Saturday we made a start on a pioneering project.  We had invested in some new ropes for this camp so we set about testing them by making a Monkey Bridge.  This fell down after the first dozen or so had tried it out.  The second attempt was much better and the Scouts plaid on it for most of the camp.
After our bridge building exploits the Scouts had lessons in wood chopping with a variety of different tools.  This was done in two groups so while one half of the section were chopping the other half had a go with the site organized air rifles.

Having plenty of freshly copped wood we then set about lighting fires and cooking fish for lunch (after the Scouts had first gutted them).  The scouts then went on to try out the caving activity before before settle down to chicken curry for tea.  After dark we plaid wide game in the woods before settling down in front of the camp fire for a CoCo and a few songs.
The weather was very good on Sunday, after breakfast we had another wide game in the woods with the Scouts hunt for playing cards to make rummy hands with.  After than it was time to break camp, raid the shop and head off home, tired and muddy!