Drum Hill 2012

DrumHillLogoOn The 17th - 19th February 2012 The 172nd Derby Cubs Teamed Up With The 91st Cubs Went And Stayed At Our Local District Campsite Drum Hill. We Had 2 Building This Year; Jim Cameron Lair -  Where The Girls And Female Leaders Stayed And Our Main Building Which Was The Bemrose Center - Where The Boys And Male Leaders Stayed, This Was Also The Building We Spent The Most Time In.
Our Weekend Went AS Follows:
We all arrivied on site and meet at the Bemrose Center, The Cubs All Got Assigned Rooms And Settled In. We All Played A Game While Waiting For The Drum Hill Staff, Who Came And Gave Us A Talk About The Site And The Fire Safety Procedures. After This We Went Out And Had A Walk Around The Site To Familerise Ourselfs With The Layout, We Came Back To The Bemrose Center Where We Sat Down And Watched A Film, While Having Hot Dogs And Hot Chocolate. At 11Pm We All Went To Bed.................... Well We Were Suppose To But The Excietment Of Being On Camp Kept Us Awake Till Gone 3 In The Morning.
With Not Having Much Sleep The Cubs Were Woken Very Early By The Leaders. After We Had Breakfast We Went Outside To Start Collecting Wood So We Could Build Fires For Our Backwoods Cooking, After Getting The Fires Lit It Decided To Start Raining, SO The Cubs Went Inside While A Couple Of Leaders Stayed Out In The Rain To Keep An Eye On The Fire, Well We Were Waiting On The Fires To Die Down We Were Doing Some Craft Work - MAking Pirate Hats, Eye Patches etc. Then The Leaders Looking After The Fires Came And Told Us That It Doesn't Look Like The Rain Was Going To Ease And That The Fires Were Ready To Be Cooked On, So We All Went Out And Braved The Rain So We Could Cook Bread Twists On The Open Fires. After We Had Finished Cooking We Came Back Inside To Make Some Pitta Bread Pizzas And Chocolate Bannas We Also Had Some Hot Soup Too. After We Had Dinner The Sun Came Out And It Was Time To Start Our Activities, We Split Into 3 Groups And Rotated Around The 3 Activities, The Activities Were:
  • Woggle Making And Pirate Hats
  • Map Reading, Compass Making And Treasure Hunt
  • Travers Wall And Ten Pin Bowling

We Had Great Fun Doing These Activities, Once We All Had Ago Of Each Activity If Was Time For Dinner, After Dinner We Had A Quiz And Then We Had A Disco, By 10pm We All Were Very, Very Tired And Were All Fast Asleep By 10:30




We Woke Up A Bit Later Today After The Early Start Yesterday, After We Had Breakfast We Went Out For A Walk, The Walk Was Very Muddy After The Rain We Had Yesterday But It Was Good Fun, We Got Back To Site In Time For Lunch. After Lunch We Went And Had Some Free Time On The Assult Course Which Was Great Fun. The Shop Opened At 2pm So We All Went Off To Buy Some Goodies, By The Time We Had Finished At The Shop It Was Time To Go Home, We Were All Very Tired By This Point But We All Had An Excellent Time.


Here Are The Photos Of Our Weekend