Rollerworld 2012

On Thursday the 2nd of February 2012 the Scouts visited our local Rollerworld.  The idea to go there had been proposed at a group forum during the first meeting of the term.  This night had been "reserved" on the programme for the Scouts own ideas.  There were lost of good idea but in the end we got it down to a straight choice between a trip to Drum Hill and Rollerworld.  Rollerworld won on the final vote!  It was a good job it did in the end because the air temperature on the night was -3 and we would have been cold up on hill.
The night went really well and all of the Scouts (and the leaders) had a go.  Some were regular skaters and whizzed around and but most had little or no experience so it took a little longer to get going.  I was really impressed with all of the Scouts as every one fell over, got up, and give it another go without a single complaint all night!  We had a really good time.