About Us



The 172 currently have around 10 beavers and most, but not all of them are from the Alvaston area. We meet in the school's main hall which is an ideal venue for us.

Coloney nights normally consists of a mix of making things, games and other activities aimed at getting badges or learning something new and interesting or just having a good time!

There are 12 activity badges fo beavers to collect along with other awards for all sorts of things. Beavers can obtain the Chief Scout Bronze Award if they have collected enough badges before they move onto cubs.


Meeting Day: Monday

Beavers are boys and girls aged six to eight. Meetings consist of simple activities that beavers enjoy but also hopefully lead to gaining a badge. Beavers can take part in sleepovers and expeditions in the summer.

Times: 17:30 to 18:45
At: Oakwood Junior School
Leader: Caz (Purple Beaver) Edwards