About Us



The 172 are based in and around the Alvaston (DE24) area of Derby. We take children from several school in the vicinity. The Scout section meets in Shelton Lock.

The 172 is a young group that has developed a reputation for good scouting and for providing a fun experience for all. We are currently working to gain new members and wish to improve the group further in the coming months and years.

The Scout Association has the following declared aim:

"The Aim of the Scout Association is to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities"

We do this by playing games, earning badges and going on trips, camps and other organised activities. Scouts also work towards their progressive training awards that includes lots of activities that are intended to promote their personal development. But above all we do it by having fun!

cooking-sHow Does My Child Join?

Children must attend at leastthree meetings (during which time we will explain to him/her what is expected of them), and they must obtain a uniform. Once this has been done they will be "invested" during which time they will be asked to make the Scout Promise. During investiture we will ask them to make a promise and we will present them with the group scarf and Membership Badge. The Promise is very important in Scouting and both children and adults are expected to try and keep it.

What Do You Have To Pay For?

Scouts are a charity that does not receive any external funding either from local or national government. Consequently, we have to raise money to pay for all of the things we do. The 172nd currently charge subs of between £2.40 and £2.50 a week depending on the section. Subs are payable even if you miss aweek as they are intended to cover the rent of our premises and insurance costs. Subs are paid termly by cheque before the half term. We recommend that you get the appropiate Scout hand book for your section which costs around £5.00 and can be obtained along with the uniform from the Scout Shop (See location & Contact for details). The only other costs will be those associated with the various camps, trips and other activities that we organise.

awardSpecial Award

On Monday 2nd November 2009 we were a special prize by the District Team to recognize the improvement in the group over the last year. This is a prize that has been in the District since 1961, and is only awarded when the management team thinks that a group truly deserves it. This is the first time it has gone to the 172 so its a big honour. The trophy is a carved wooden Scout hat of the type that would have been warn by Baden Powell (see picture). Our thanks go to he District for presenting us with this award and for their continued support. We should also give ourselves a big well done!

Every Scout Group Is Only As Good The Parents Who Help To Run It.

Lots of children enjoy scouting so there may be a waiting list for your section. We are, however, always short of adults to help us run the group. It's not hard to become a leader or a helper, you just have to want to make a difference! Your input (whatever it is) can enrich youngster's time in scouting.

There are many different rolls from fundraising to taking notes at meetings as well as helping directly during meetings and camps. If you would like to join either as a scout or a leader please go to our location and contacts page and email the approprite section leader or alternatively come along to a meeting and see what we do.