sn-cs-winkingThe Cubs have a mascot called Bingo!  We won Bingo in a competition to build the best camp gate on the Derby South District Cub camp in 2008 and he has been with us ever since.

Bingos Gate Well I say that, we have lost him several times, but he has always found his way back.  He has had lots of adventures on the way and some how he has been separated from his nose.  So if any one sees his nose anywhere let me know.


Bing's last day out was a trip Poole's STH71272Cavern in Buxton.  He had a great time but fell in muddy puddle half way though.  Fortunately the trip also involved a walk up to Solomon's temple and it was very windy so he had time to dry out before coming home.

Before that Bingo had an adventure when he went on a trip to the seaside at Aberystwyth with Kyran.  I think they both had a really good time and Bingo rode on a Funicular, diced with death on a high rise fence and got sand between his paws for the first time!

Bingo's Trip To Turkey