Summer Camp Kinver 2016


In August 2016 the Scouts went to Kinver Campsite in Staffordshire for our annual Summer Camp.  This was our first visit to the site and I am sure we will return again on the future.  This camp was a full week long (Monday to Sunday) and we took lots of pictures.   These have been grouped to make it easier to see all the different things we did.


We arrived on Monday and spent some time getting all of the tents all up.  The camp site is well run and we had a pitch right in the middle.  We were close to the new toilet block and had a water point on the edge of the pitch.  This made all the normal camp chores such as washing up a little easer even if some of the Scouts preferred to regard it as "child labour"!



The other good thing about our pitch was that it was opposite the wood-pile and had a unique covered campfire are next to it.  So lots of wood was chopped and we had a fire most evenings.  On Saturday we had our own special campfire complete with stunts and a few songs.



On Tuesday we made a start on the many activities provided by the site.  Since we have our own shooting instructor (Stuart) we decided to start with that.



One of the features of this camp was the "Sports Challenge".  We decided to have an on-going badminton competition through-out the camp.  This kicked off on Tuesday afternoon and had the finals on Friday.  There were singles and doubles competitions and handmade prizes for the winners.



On Wednesday we took a walk (via and ice cream shop) around the well-known Kinver Edge beauty spot and also called in the Rock Houses.  This walked started in the rail but the sun soon came out and we had all dried off by the time we made our way around the rock houses.



Thursday was another activity day on site.  So we did some traditional back-woods cooking which involved gutting and cleaning some fish as well as making a stew and baked bananas.  Over the course of the camp we also did some pioneering, make some blow-darts and generally made use of all the games we had.



On Friday we went for another walk.  This time we walked along the river Severn to the Severn Valley Railway station at Highley and had a good look around the engine shed.  From their we got train to Bridgenorth and had our packed lunch at the station before heading back on the train.



Friday was busy day as we had to rush back from the SVR in time for our create-staking and climbing sessions.  These took place just after tea but this did not slow down the Scouts at all.


Saturday was a quiet day.  We spend this playing football and on an awesome water-slide ...



With the Scouts now very clean after the soap suds of the water-side all that remained was to pack away and award to the various prizes for good (and sometimes bad) behaviour over the camp.  The main prizes is always the one for the best patrol on camp.  This camp we only had two patrols.



This year best patrol prize went Henry's tent.  The Scout of the camp went to Adam and the best work team to Adam, Jack and Joseph.  We also had prizes for the "moaner" of the camp and for the camp "potty mouth".  The recipients of these shall remain nameless...


The Singles badminton price went to Adam and doubles to Adam and Henry.