Foxwell 2016

This is the 104 year of the Foxwell camping competition and the Firth year that the 172 Scouts are entered a team.  We actually entered two times this time but a few last moment dropouts ment there was only one on the day.
This years team was: Kristian, Adam, Henry, Amy, Shannan and Melaney.  Kristian were also a member of last two years teams with Henry also making a second apperance.
The event was held on the Sunday 17th of May at Drum Hill and teams from all over the county took part.  The teams were marked on things like first aid, tent pitching, axe work etc and the event lasted most of the day.
The team had a really good time, It was a nice sunny day just like last year.  They put in an worthy performance and came in 7th.  We will be back next year to see if we can improve on our ranking even further!