Bag Packing 2015

IMG_0722On the 3rd and 4th of April the Scouts were allowed go bag packing at our local Sainsbury's to raise money towards the cost of the upcoming Peak 2015 camp.
Had two teams of 6 or 7 scouts, one for each day. Some of the Scouts were able to help on both days which was really good.
The Scouts all worked really hard on both days and kept going for about 6 hours which was fantastic.  We collected small change and also the Active Kids vouchers from those who did not want them.
It was two long hard days being on our feet most of the time.  In the end we raised £981.03p which was amazing work.  We were also given over 4,000 vouchers.  So thanks to all of the very generous shoppers and thanks also to Sainsbury's and all their staff for making us so welcome.