About Us
scouts The 172 scout section was reformed in November 2007 after a ten year abscence. This new section is has now completed both summer and winter camps and has built up its membership as well as learning the skills needed by Scouts.
Scout meetings start with a flag break and normally consist of both team and individual games as well as various activities from our varied programme.   During the 4 years they spend in the section Scouts work towards the Chief Scout Gold Award as well as the huge variety of challenging activity badges that exist for the them to collect.
Since the section are now experienced campers most of them have the Camp Cook badge (left). There are currently 74 badges like this one to go for so there is something for every one!
Meeting Day: Thursday

Scouts are boys and girls aged between ten and a half and fourteen. Meetings consist of independent and team games, and the group tries to get out as much as possible. All of their activities lead to badges and the learning of key life skills. Scouts have a week long summer camp and shorter camps and expeditions thoughout the year.

Times: 18:30 to 20:30
At: 91st Scout Hut
Leader: Jo Cudworth