Peak 2015

JurassicFrom the 26th July to the 1st of August 2015 the Scouts, along with about 6,000 others attended the International Scout and Guide Camp at Chatsworth House known as Peak 2015.


Peak camps are held at Chatsworth every 5 fives so most scouts only get to go to one. They are international camps, so both Scouts 

and Guides from all over the world attend.

Each camp has a theme and this year it was "TIME".  The camp was divided into sub camps and the 172 were placed in "Jurassic".  


We had a go at dressing up as dinosaurs and go used to signing "walk the dinosaur" as our sub camp song.


There are loads of activities to do (over 65) and the Scouts made the most of them over the whole week.  We even had a visit from Bear Grills! There was nightly entertainment including a talent show and disco and to finish off the week an amazing firework display. Peak is unlike any other camp and its memories stay forever.  These pictures are just a very few images of the things we got up to ...