Chilly Challenge 2015

Chilly2015On Saturday 24th of January 2015 to the Scouts took part in the Derbyshire Chilly Challenge.  This involves spending a night under canvas in January and this was the second year in which we took part.  The event is about the challenge of sleeping out in cold weather and the Scouts rose to it quite well.  The event is annual and the Scouts get a bage to wear on the uniform when they complete it.
We chose to go to our local site Drum Hill, and where joind by other sections from around the county and from our district.  We went to the site in the day light to put the tents up and returned later in the evening at 20:00 for widegames and the sleepover.  The weather was predictably chilly but not too bad and every slept well. Saturday evening we were able to get a fire going and we cooked marsh mellows before heading off to bed.