Survival 2014

jlw In September 2014 the Scouts had their first Survival camp.  This was held at John's Lee Wood Campsite in Leicestershire which is idea for this "back to basics" style of camping.  Survival camps are more about Scouting survival skills than activities, so the focus of the camp is on things like: making a shelter, axe and saw and for the most part on back woods cooking.


For this camp only the younger Scouts had tents with the majority making their shelters out of tarpaulins and string.  There was no mess tent either so we had a couple of fly-sheets to use as dinning shelters.


The objective of the camp was to complete the requirements of the Scout Survival badge.  For this the Scouts had to spend a night in a shelter that they had made and to cook for 24 hours using only an open fire, with no utensils, or tin foil.  In practice we did two nights!  We cooked a full English breakfast on the open fire: bacon, sauces, eggs, and Twists for toast.  This was very nice but the eggs tended to explode.


For lunch we skinned, chopped up and cooked some rabbits.  These were very nice and tasted even better with some left over bacon from breakfast rapped around them.  Chocolate bananas were had for afters.  Tea consisted on kebabs followed by cakes in oranges.  The cakes were not great success, so more practice is needed on these.  Overall we had a really good time and picked up lots of new skills.