Cloud Trail 2014

sc-as-cyOn Saturday the 14th of June 2014 the Scouts set off to do the 40 km Cycle Ride required for the Cyclist Badge.  We had previously completed our Cycle Maintenance training and were all ready to go.
We took a route south from our hut that made use of a cycle track along the old Derby Canal.  This joins the current Tent and Mersey Canal at Swarkestone Lock before joining the "Cloud Trail".  This is a old railway line that took us almost due South past Melbourne, through the village of Tonge and on to the village of Worthington.
We took a well-earned break in the park at Worthington and tried out the swings before picking up some refreshments at the local village shop.
On the way back we decided to make the trip a bit harder by taking a detour up to the Church and the beacon at the top of the steep hill in the centre of Breadon-on-the-Hill.  It is a very steep hill!
Still the view is well worth it when you get to the top. In all 9 scouts and the three leaders completed the trip.  The weather was fantastic the route is really good and we all had a really good time as well as picking up a well-earned badge