Easter Treats 2014

IMG_0249This Easter the Scouts made sweets rather than our normal chockolate shapes.
The idea was quite simple.  Melt chockolate in plastic bowl over some hot water.  Put a marsh mellow on a lolipop stick.  Dip the marsh mellow in the chockolate and then in some sprinkes.  Finally push the other end of the stick in half a
potatoe, to act as a stand, while it cools and sets.
We have three patrols so each patrol had different type of chockoate, Milk, Dark or White and they all made as many as they could.  At the end of the evening we shared them all out.
The chockolate were surprising nice and they were extreemenly easy to make!  Although the final number was limited due to the number of marsh mellows that were before they were diped in chockolate and the number of diped ones that there eaton before they had a chance to set!