St. George's Day 2014

St. George's Day is the most important day in the Scouting.  On this day we no only remember our patron saint but we all stand up and renew our Scouting promise.  We also try to be the largest the group on parade in our district!  This years parade was held on Sunday 27th of April and we made the long march to St. John's Church on Bridge St.
Attendance was very good with around 2/3 of the group in attendance and almost all of the Scouts.  This year the honer of carrying the Scout Fleg went to Jay.  He did a realy a good job as its a long way to St. John's and it was also a windy day.
All three sections put in a good showing and our Young Leaders were also there in force and in uniform!  Thanks to all of those who attended.  You all looked very smart.