Hammock sleepover 2013

hammockIn October 2013 the Scouts had a go at making Hammocks useing just beadsheets and some old rope.  The idea came from the internet so what could possibly go wrong!
Lots of Hammocks were made and the Scouts gave them a good road test on a pack night.  Some had not read the instructions (i.e. bring a bed sheet) and had turned up with a dovet cover.  Dovet coveres are much to short!  In fact the bed sheets are too short as well so the event was fun but not great success!
Undaunted we soldered on and made our own hammocks this time using strips of much longer dust sheets and the old rope recovered from the first go.  These looked Ok for length so we decided to have a go at a sleepover in the hut before moving to a full filed trial in the woods.
So in December we all came to the hut, had a fish and chip supper and then set about the serious buisness of sleeping the hammocks.

Some had not quite the messages about SLEEPING so it was a bit of noisy night.  The evening was also punchated with the occasional thump of a Scout falling out of or through the hammock.  This design, while much better than the first, was still a little lacking (mosting in strength).   We decided that while it was good fun the deisgn still needs work and it was parked for another day.