York 2014

YorkOn Firday the 14th of February 2014 the Scouts set off for a visit to the City of York.  We had found a local group, the 1st Heworth, who had very kindly allowed us to use their hut for the weekend.  The Drive from Derby was fine and the hut was close to a chip shop which was even better!
After breakfast on Saturday morning we walked the couple of miles or so into town and started to explor the City Walls.  These provide fantastic views of the city and also had a really good model shop close to one of the gates (call a "Bar") so the Boys spent a bit if time exploring both the walls and the model shop.    Next we went on the well known Jorvik centre to find out about life in the Viking City.  This was very good and had lotes of fun things to see and find out about.
After Jorvik we split up into groups and spent a bit of time exploring the city with its narrow streets and lots of street entertainers.  Some of the Scouts also managed to complete the landscape drawing part of their art badge by sketching parts of the overflowing river Ouse.  York is well used to the river flooding and every one seemed to be taking the sand bangs and pumps in their stride.
After we had explored the City we paid a visit to the York Dungeon.  This was great fund and suitably scary.  Finally we caught the number 11 bus back to the hut for tea, games, movies and finally bed.
Sunday was taken up with a trip to the National Railway Musium  which is located close to the station.  This was fantastic and we could happily have spend the whole day there but unfortunatly we had to come home!
Special thanks to the 1st Heworth for looking after us, and to John, Akela and Adrian for providing extra transport and help over the weekend.