Walesby 2013

dscf0194The summer camp for 2013 was in August and at the Walesby Forrest Campsite near Ollerton, North Nottinghamshire.  This is a fantastic site and very big.  We opted to camp on pitch 70 which is in the middle of the site and well away from any one else so we had lots of space to run around in.
We set up our camp on the afternoon of Sunday the 11th and made sure the our brand new tents were piched properly and kept tidy and smart throughout the camp.  The Scouts all did very well and prizes were awarded to the best partol on camp.  However, it was a very close competition with only one point seperatering the top two tents and the other being only 5 points behind.
 One of the main features of any camp is FOOD...  We had lots and the Scouts worked in groups to cook, washup and prvide hot water, take out the rubish etc.  Again the leaders were impressed by the quality of the cooking and every meal was properly cooked.  Washing up proved more of a challenge but we got there in the end.
At lunch times we experimented with different types of "back woods cookers".  These involved the Scouts in making fires and cooking lunch in a varity of ways useing verious types of imporvised cookers. We used old cooking oil drum as an oven to make cheese on toast, card board boxes as ovens to make piza and catering sized bean tins to as heaters to make soop.  Most worked very well, the boxes were not so good so we will experiment with them again another day.


One feature of the camp was the hunt for Robin Hood.  We seached all over the place for him.  These pictures are the Scouts looking in his cave along side the river Maurn.  Its called Robin Hoods Cave but there was no sign of him any where!


We plaid a lot of games over the camp from Jenga on a wobbly table to night wide games (which are a tad hard to photograph) and most of all the trowing arrows.  The Scouts made arrows out of canes and used a Aborignal throughing method to make them go a very long way.  The distance that could be achieved even by the smallest Scouts was very impressive.


Walseby has a lot of activites to choose from.  We made use of the very good climbing tower built out of an old pylon.  Most of the Scouts made it to the top and some did it using only the hardest to use route.


Pioneering is alwase part of any Scout camp.  Appart from a cane draining board, we also made very large sling shot making use of the sites pioneering poles and the old bycile inner tubes left over from the Winter Camp at Needwood Forest.  Our fist attempts were not so good but we fianlly settled on a design that let us shoot balls, the arrows, and most all bog rolls a considerable distance.  We may have set light to the odd one in the process.


There is an excellent lake at Walesby so we made good use of it having a rafting session.  The Scouts had a go at making their own rafts first with very little help, and then moved on to making ones that staied together once placed in the water!


The site has a zip wire so it seemed a shame not to use it!


On Thursday we set off for a hike in our continuing hunt for the eliseive Robin Hood.  This time we intended to search the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest with did not look all that far away on the map (its only a few inces!).  After a 14 mile hike we returned to the site having again failed to find the missing the outlaw but having successfly locaced the tree and an ice cream.  It was quite and achievement for all and we did not not get lost once.


The camp ended with trip to the sites excelemnt swimming pool.  This is quite large and un-heated so the Scouts emerged not only a bit cleaner then when they went in but very refreshed!