About Us
The 172 Cub Pack generally has about 20 cubs. Most, but not all, of the Cubs aresn-cs-winkingfrom the Alvaston area. We meet in a school's main hall which is ideal for the group in terms of the activities we run.
Pack nights always begin with a flag break and a "Grand Howl". Cubs get points for their attendance and dress which results in prizes at the end of each month.  If they are very good they may get to look after our mascot Bingo (the Wolf Cub).
Formal proceedings over we launch into games and activities which allow cubs to gain badges, learn new things and most importantly give them a good time.
There are over 30 activity badges alone for the Cubs to collect along with other awards for all sorts of things.

athletics csa
Cubs are awarded badges to mark their achievements (like the two red ones for athletics and cycling.  If Cubs do well they can eventually achieve the Chief Scout's Silver award seen on the right.
Meeting Day: Monday Cub Scouts are boys and girls aged between eight and ten and a half. Meetings consist of games and activities that whilst giving cubs a good time, also contribute to valuable badge work. Throughout the whole year cubs have opportunities including expeditions, camping and days out.
Times: 18:45 to 20:15
At:Oakwood Junior School
Leader: John (Akela) Hithersay